iPod, Therefore I Am


iPod Culture- Making music an isolated experience

As I step onto another monotonous tube carriage, I awkwardly wedge myself in between strangers all feeling too close of comfort. Reaching into my pocket I take out my iPod and stick my headphones in and suddenly the tube ride becomes bearable. The familiar white wires dangling from my ears act as a sign to my fellow passengers: Do not disturb!

This is the age of egotistical existentialism, an existence based solely on the experience of the individual. The iPod culture creates antisocial bubbles around us, enveloping us in audio cocoons which are subjective to our personal tastes.
It’s a “piece of technology that’s seamlessly crossed the great divide” (iPod, therefore I am) between music subcultures making it a consumer culture at its best. It’s one of the manifestations of the 21st century of pop culture.



Epic Meal Time challenge created a food challenge boom. Youtubers everywhere were and still are posting videos of different food eating challenges. The most famous being:

The Milk Challenge: Drink a gallon of milk in an hour
The Cinnamon Challenge: Eat a tea spoon of cinnamon



It would appear that the main aim of the food challenges are not to complete them but more of an excuse to be filmed as you cough, splutter and vomit your way through them. For example, The Milk Challenge is almost physically impossible to do. Our stomachs are only meant to hold half a gallon of milk, so the other half a gallon has to come out somewhere. In fact, people have used food colouring in the milk to create “The Rainbow Milk Challenge”. I shall leave the rest to your imagination.

So if winning is not the motive for this YouTube sensation, then what is?

I believe the food challenges are strongly linked to the Lad Culture. There seems to be something about food and vomit that attracts “Lads”. Is it a mix of competitiveness and proving to be the alpha male (ultimate lad)? Lads seem to enjoy watching their friends put themselves through vile situations, so is it the comedy value? Or do people feel the need to do outrages things to get noticed these days?

Are the food challenges an example of a craze being taken too far within pop culture?



Are you a Jonny? Jerry? Joey? James or a Jack?

A blog for the #LADs



Jonny LAD:

knows how to get in there with the ladies. It doesn’t matter if he’s at your uncle Herbert’s wedding do, or in the club on any normal Saturday night, he is pulling something! Jonny doesn’t have many standards but one thing he’ll swear by: “Girls are like goals, they all count as one.” It doesn’t matter if he bags a gorgeous blonde (45 yard screamer in the top corner) or a bubbly pug nosed brunette (5 yard tap in), they all count as one. Jonny LAD has shagged about 126 women in his career as a LAD!

Jerry LAD:

is always pissed. He’s one of them fella’s who always has a drink in his hand. If you’re in a club where you’re not allowed drinks on the dancefloor, Jerry will find a way to smuggle a pint of Guinness on there. If you go to the bar with Jerry, he’ll be served first. He knows the tricks to get the bartenders attention. Rarely does Jerry pull, he’s always too smashed!

Joey LAD:

Joey gets chucked out of everywhere. The bouncers just don’t seem to like him! His genitals are on full show 70% of the time. Joey is the lad who is on the dancefloor first, he’s on the podium first, he’s in VIP without a ticket. He is one funny fucker and he pushes boundaries. He thinks he is as good at pulling as Jonny but in reality Joey only pulls every now and then.

James LAD:

James is not the biggest, not the best, not the most remembered. But James has banter that literally smalls all the other lads. He has an answer to everything. Don’t get this wrong, James can drink, James can pull and James doesn’t mind going that extra yard to get the LAD points. But James tones the levels down just slightly.

Jack the LAD:

Jack does it all. Of course, not to as an extreme level as Jonny, Jerry and Joey but he can pull, drink and be the better class clown with the best of them. Jack will be the fella who settles down first. He’ll find himself a stunning piece of ass and lock her down. Jack’s stag do is one to be remembered!





To get a cleared insight into the Lad Culture, the Lad Bible was created.

A website created to keep the “commandments” of manliness in a humorous fashion. There are stories about men who have achieved an inspirational level of LAD-dom, and photos of LADs being LADs including the Hall of Shame and the Hall of Fame.

It describes itself as something strong, something honourable, something fierce and something, very, fucking, LADDISH.


Lad Culture

Lad culture is a subculture initially associated with Britpop music of the 1990s. “The image of the ‘lad’ or ‘new lad’ arose in the early 1990s as a generally middle-class figure espousing attitudes conventionally (though not necessarily correctly) attributed to the working classes”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lad_culture

Recently there has been a more noticeable obsession with males proving their “masculinity” by doing  a number of things that are viewed to be “laddish” in the eyes of other males.

According to the Urban Dictionary:

A lad is a male who specialises in creating and distributing exquisite banter. Though most lads are youngish (late teens and early twenties) age is not a defining characteristic and you will find both young lads and old lads. Some special skills of lads include, but are not limited to the following:

– Binning Pints
– Exposing genitalia and getting naked in public places
– Throwing up after copious alcohol consumption
– Spousal Abuse
– Getting kicked out of pubs/nightclubs for being overly offensive

Excelling in all areas will earn a lad the title of “top lad”. There is no higher praise that can be bequeathed upon an individual.

A great example of the Lad Culture is the american reality TV series Jack Ass in which 5 lads perform various dangerous, crude self-injuring stunts and pranks. It was a massive hit and encouraged people to make their own Jack Ass clips and upload onto YouTube. A You’ve Been Framed approach with an 18 rating.



The “shit people say” videos have become part of the viral video trend and a running internet joke. They are all about characterisations of a famous person or a certain social groups and the stereotypes associated with them. They are also very formulaic so anyone can make them.

“Shit People Say” all reference and make comedy from popular culture. A parody of pop culture.

Below are Youtubes top video’s for “shit people say”: